2009 June - Family Law - is the man the Loser?

On 16th. June we held our 11th Forum, again in the beautiful Jubilee Room. This time, we were lucky to have 5 very interesting and well-informed guest Speakers, each one of whom - from the emotional to the informed, to the impassioned to the musical (yes, that is right) - each Speaker first held us rapt from the lectern, then ably fielded the often challenging questions from the floor. At both beginning and close of evening the Speakers and audience mixed and conversation flowed. A most successful Forum.

Mr. Mark Youssef - LLM - BA MLLP - Master of Law & Legal Practice, specialising in Family Law and legal education.
Mr. John Stapleton - Founder ‘Dads on the Air’ and Journalist.
Mr. Peter Van de Voorde - Producer/Presenter ‘Dads on the Air’, and Singer, Songwriter
Mr. Warwick Marsh - Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, Writer, Producer, Singer, Songwriter
Ms Barbara Biggs - Journalist, Author, Child protection campaigner

Speakers Barbara, Mark & Peter

Mark Youssef

Warwick Marsh

Barbara Biggs

Peter Van de Voorde

John Stapleton

Speakers Barbara, Mark, Peter, John

Barbara Biggs & Peter v.d Voorde