2009 September - Cyberhate? Censorship on the Internet

On Tuesday 8th. Sept. we held our 12th Forum in the Jubilee Room. Again, we confirmed a Panel of 5 high profile and well-informed guest Speakers, each of whom spoke with conviction and knowledge. There were many Questions put from the floor and all of them were handled thoroughly by our Speakers. The evening finished very late, with speakers and audience still chatting till almost 10pm Although we were sorry that Dr. Kaye, due an unforeseen parliamentary debate, could not stay to speak, this Forum was certainly a resounding success.

Mr. Geordie Guy - Spokesperson Electronic Frontiers Australia

Mr. Jim Wallace – Managing Director The Australian Christian Lobby

Ms. Fiona Patton - Convenor of the Australian Sex Party,

Ms Angela Conway - Director Pro-family Perspectives.

and in spirit, Dr. John Kaye MLC - Member of The Greens


Ms. Fiona Patten


Mr. Jim Wallace


Mr. Geordie Guy


Ms. Angela Conway

IMG_0807Ed copy 2.jpg

Dr. John Kaye


Panel 4 Guest Speakers

Video from this forum is available via the Fellowship's blog.