2010 June - 2012 Is the World About to Change?

On Tuesday 22nd. June 2010. we held our 15th Forum in the Theaterette at Parliament House MacQaurie Street Sydney. The Fellowship were pleased to welcome as guest speakers:

Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is a well known inspirational speaker who traveled from New Zealand to speak voluntarily on a subject of the Mayan Calendar and the spiritual meaning of the 2012 phenomena

Dr. Christopher Hartney

Dr Christopher Hartney is from "The Academy" of religious studies at the University of Sydney.

Emeritus Professor Garry Trompf

Emeritus Professor Garry Trompf is an acknowledged expert in religious studies. Garry spoke with authority on the topic from an academic perspective.


2012 Is the World About to Change ? from FORT Australia on Vimeo.