2010 Nov - Afghanistan - Yes or No ?


The Fellowship of the Round Table acknowledge the following speakers who spoke on the topic "Afghanistan - Yes or No?" on the evening of November 23rd. in the Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House, MacQuarie Street, Sydney.

Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor

Associate Professor in American Politics at Sydney University and the editor of seven books on anti-Americanism who has also published books on US foreign policy, and Australian-American relations.

Robert (Bob) Vinnicombe

Bob Vinnicombe is a well known commentator on the issue of the Afghanistan involvement who has spoken on the topic in many forums including the ABC program Q&A and is deeply involved in issues relating to human rights.

A video of the evening was recorded and is available for viewing on the Fellowship's Vimeo site http://www.vimeo.com/fortsydney

Afghanistan Yes or No ? from FORT Australia on Vimeo.

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